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Breaking Bread.

After teaching yoga Saturday morning a few of us gathered at the cafe next door for a cuppa and a snack. It was as so lovely. Little did I know this gathering would include an absolute, glorious gift!! Were were chatting about all sorts.. Yoga, upcoming events ( yoga mala festival), and then the precious gem…. Recipes! Oh how I love sharing healthy food recipes that have been tried and tested and actually taste good!! I’m going to keep this short because some things you just have to experience yourself to believe. But first I need to thank my friend Lyn. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  You are a great friend for sharing this recipe with me! Priceless!Jpeg

Without further ado I will get to the point…Do you love bread? I love bread. Sooo much. I love the versatility… It’s a great partner with  meal or on its own, sweet or savory, its quick and easy. I just love it!! I could eat it all day which sometimes I do. The problem is it is not very high in nutrient and to be honest I don’t feel overly satisfied when I eat it. Not to mention I could do without the bloated belly I sometimes get. That being said I don’t want to give it up…soup would be so lonely without it, so would tea…and don’t even get me started on eggs! If you feel me on this one, have I got something for you!! Enter Life changing loaf! It is full of fiber , Protien from seeds and nuts, not to mention superfood chia seeds! I know what your thinking it can’t be that great, but it is!!! If you like a dense bread you will love it. Think granola bar meets bread. Another plus is it is a very filling and satisfying. I made a slight variation to the recipe and added 1/4 cup of shredded coconut in place of some of the oats and a 1/2 TSP of cinnamon. I also used a tin pan lined with pachment( I suggest tiny bit of coconut oil to grease). I’ve been having it for lunch and after yoga snack( so yummy with a tiny spread of honey)for three days and I’m lovin it! SarahB from My new roots is a genius can’t wait to try more recipes out!Jpeg

The Life-Changing Loaf of Bread

So Anyone reading this …If you have any good recipes that will rock my world please share!