Yoga in Newcastle upon Tyne and Gateshead

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry….

So you’ve planned every detail of your perfect day, vacation, special dinner, night out, haircut or whatever it is you are looking forward to. What could go wrong?…..Anything!

The thing is, we can do our best, give our time and effort to make sure things work out the way we want them to but sometimes they just don’t. The universe is constantly moving and changing around us. Time passes. One minute is different to the next. Even our mental, emotional, and physical beings are changing by the minute to adapt to our environment, whether we like it or not.

We are very sensitive and get very attached to what we hold dear…especially time (or lack of), Sometimes this can bring great suffering…I think because as human beings in our fast paced society, we are always either trying to plan ahead to secure the best future and outcome, or hold on to the past for nostalgia; to things we feel have added to our “character” or our lives…we like to know where we stand. It makes us feel secure.  We don’t like feeling insecure, not knowing who, what, when, where we will be….and when the bottom falls out of our best laid plans it reminds us of how fragile life can be…. anything can happen. ( There goes our false sense of security! )We cant control everything. It can be scary…but what if it’s not?

Rewind your brain back to the care-free days of childhood, teens, early twenties. There was no rush, we thought we’d live forever! Anything could happen at any moment. We lived for the moment! It was exciting! Impromptu plans after school, unplanned random nights out, road trip, skinny dip…freedom from worry. aaahhhh. Feels good even thinking about it! Present Is the most Pleasant!!! Lol! Ok  got a bit carried away. I don’t think the key is to give up responsibility because we always need to have responsibility for our actions….it’s more about FLEXIBILITY. If you have held on to this ‘live in the moment’ way of being while keeping two feet on the ground well done!! If you have never felt this way.. it’s time to start a practice 😉

It’s about finding BALANCE and accepting change. (there it is again it just keeps coming up: balance and accepting change. You can’t have one without the other. Flowing with nature, not fighting nature…. sounds a lot like asana practice Flowing, balance and flexibility :)))

Looking at the past can be nice for some, and maybe not so nice for others, but living there or grasping can prevent you from experiencing the present. If you have nice memories look back fondly. If they are not nice you can look back on what you’ve learned or how you’ve grown. You are not the same person you were as a toddler,  adolescent or teenager. These are transient manifestations. The real you ( the deep consciousness) is always going to be there regardless of past or future. (The one thing that stays the same) Past is what once was not what is now.  Existence in deep concious awareness can be practised  now.

Enjoy the Present!

“Dance like no one is watching,

Live like you’ve never been hurt,

Sing like no one is listening.

Live like it’s heaven on earth.”

William Purkey or Mark Twain (up for debate on google by whom. But it doesn’t matter. Great words to live by!)

Just don’t go out for expensive dinners every night because from experience, I’ve found irresponsibility does not always lead to joy! lol!  (just sometimes:)

Get excited for the future!

Plan for a good one but don’t cling to expectations or outcomes because things can change in the blink of an eye!

Yoga practice: Go to a led  class! Let someone guide you through a practice. Let go of outcomes, expectations you have on yourself or the teacher. See what happens.

Home practice: Find balance and stability in a good old fashion Virabhadrasana / Warrior 2 then add a touch of flexibility in movement.
Yoga Warrior II Purejiva

1. Feel grounded pressing in to  the feet as the earth holds you (front foot points to top of mat back foot to long side of mat). Feel strength and energy moving up the feet into straight back leg and bent front leg. Feel the stability of your structure as the weight of the spine and upper body balances in the centre and the joints stack (knee in line with ankle, shoulders on top of hips), arms straight out in a “T” reach the fingers away from each other.


2. To stay present in the body focus on the long smooth inhale and exhale. Let the breath be the place for the mind to rest (take five slow deep breaths).

Reverse Warrior Yoga Purejiva


3. Allow the upper body to move reaching forward and back, from peaceful warrior (back palm of hand reaches down back thigh, front arm reaches back along side of ear towards the wall behind you), to warrior two with the breath guiding you.


Have fun!!!